b. 1982, Moscow, Russia. Living and working in London.


From the artist's website


"My practice considers what counts as 'photographic' and how attempts to distill this, paradoxically, explode the boundaries of photography and put it in relation to other media. In the words of Loring Knoblauch, it operates at the “tipping point, beyond which our frame of reference is forced to change”.

It ultimately transposes questions of intermediality, hierarchy, historicity, reference etc. from the pictorial plane into process, material, and form, and taps into photography's ambivalent relationship with the modernist canon, to which it was instrumental but into which it wasn't properly absorbed. Hovering between the handmade, the industrial and the archeological, my work also touches on how the formal generates affect – or an illusion thereof. It fosters a “contemporary ruin gaze” that is "reconciled to perspectivism, to conjectural history and spatial discontinuity [and that] requires an acceptance of disharmony, of the contrapunctual relationship of human, historical and natural temporality.” [Svetlana Boym, 'Ruins of the Twentieth Century', in 'Frieze Projects and Frieze Talks 2006-2008']."